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How Dianne Montgomery Brings Companies Into Compliance

August 16, 2018
In the course of her compliance work, Dianne Montgomery performs many tasks. For example, she conducts investigations, performs computer forensics, and engages in eDiscovery projects, but she also is responsive to incidents and takes corrective action when such actions are necessary. She also like to takes the lead role on federal agency audits and when she has to make disclosures. Dianne Montgomery also navigates organizational issues and takes protective action against breaches and maintains appropriate and fruitful relationships with relevant regulators.

Dianne Montgomery

At this point in the healthcare reform movement, Dianne Montgomery tends to channel her strong interest in healthcare technology and innovation into her role as a Healthcare Compliance Officer. She possesses a lot of knowledge in her specialty, which is the healthcare and life sciences space, but she is not limited in scope; she also has a hand in making organizations compliant with regulations in the technology space, especially when it comes to personal data. In addition, Dianne Montgomery also has a hand in risk intelligence and enterprise compliance, as well.

Dianne Montgomery does all this because she likes the challenge of having to deal with the difficult and complex balance between privacy and security, especially in today’s constantly evolving regulatory environment. Dianne Montgomery’s interests cover more than just healthcare. She has managed to gain significant experience and knowledge in a great many fields when it comes to regulatory compliance issues. In short, Dianne Montgomery feels she has the skills to help virtually any organization in any industry to become compliant and stay there and to prevent unnecessary investigations to interfere with productivity and efficacy. Data in the wrong hands can be devastating, but so can the agencies charged with enforcing laws and regulations.