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Healthcare Technology Intrigues Dianne Montgomery

May 16, 2018
At this point in what has been a long, illustrious career so far, Dianne Montgomery tends to employ her strong interest in healthcare technology and innovation to improve her role as a Compliance Officer. She has developed strong specialties in the areas of Healthcare-Life Sciences, Technology, and Personal Data for good reason and she also has a strong knowledge of risk intelligence and enterprise compliance, as well, because she likes the challenge of developing a complex balance between privacy and security, especially in the current constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Dianne Montgomery

Above all else, Dianne Montgomery has been doing this type of work for many years, including the time she worked with a major research hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as the considerable time she spent working with DaVita, a Fortune 500 company considered one of the most prestigious in the healthcare space. In addition to her extensive experience, Dianne Montgomery also has plenty of education in her background, as well. She started by obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from St. Joseph’s University, but she also gained certification in Healthcare Compliance, which serves her clients quite well.

As a top-notch medical research, Dianne Montgomery conducts investigations, performs computer forensics, and engages in eDiscovery projects. However, she also responds to incidents and takes corrective action when necessary and she also takes the lead on federal agency audits and makes disclosures when they become absolutely necessary. She is very experienced with navigating organizational issues, takes protective action against breaches and maintains appropriate and fruitful relationships with relevant regulators.